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I've added quite a few anthro beauties to my collection of late, especially from a wonderful company, Dearmine.
Beauty has forgotten
This is my Dearmine Dune,A.S.H.Read more...Collapse )

A Grin with a Cat

Introducing The Count de Money. he's a limited edition light blue Pipos Cheshire cat with two different tails and a happy grin. The Count de Money
Read more...Collapse )
He's 21cm tall and full of fun. His outfit was made for him by PepperoniPizza (etsy)
They are named for characters in the Harry Dresden occult mysteries. Kincaid is an immortal Hellhound and Lara Raith, a vampire of the White Court.

Clickable thumbnails, Kincaid:

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Clickable thumbnail

They are made by Fairyland in Korea and about 15" tall featuring magnetic hands and feet, plus changeable face-plates. Extremely pose-able and a lovely resin.


Spike & Dru

So, Limwha Luna is one of those sculpts that is amazingly changeable. Here, she's looking more like Drusilla than Winifred.

I really like this shot, no matter that it's a tad unfocused, as it appears much more like a Victorian daguerreotype. Let's hope Spike didn't eat the photographer afterward. Read more...Collapse )

Dru is wearing several of the white underdresses from Dollheart's various sets, while Spike is wearing a fabulous coat from 4D in a dark brown leatherette with brass buttons.


Calpurnia Mae & William Grey & Fred

Sir William Grey is happy to announce the arrival of his twin sister, Callie Mae Read more...Collapse )

Haute Doll Vampire Contest update

I am reminded that I neglected to post the results of the Haute Doll vampire doll contest. There certainly were some beautiful entries and I felt honored to have my Spike finish in Third Place. Read more...Collapse )
Thanks to all who voted for him!


Binu Sarah wearing Agnes Dreary's playground outfit with her tiny Somnambulist dollie from Nikki in Wales:

Read more...Collapse ) Will is wearing a Leeann outfit "Walking with the Stars" His bunny is Ann Estelle.

I have a question--has anyone ever ordered from Camellia Dynasty? http://www.camelliadynasty.cn/shop/
I really want one of their cats, but they're OT on DoA, so who ya gonna call? Anyone wan to do a GO?

Gene: Young Designers Project : Part one

Way back when in 1999, I was lucky enough to become involved with the Ashton-Drake Young Designers project. My art students at Southside High in Atlanta were thrilled to be a part of this experience, even though few if any of them had ever threaded a needle.
My photography students documented the classroom work while several of my young men made furniture, props and backdrops. We watched films from the 40-50's (including their favorite, Marilyn Monroe); read vintage magazines culled from my collection and researched real vintage fashions. The kids really loved dressing up in my collection of gowns and hats!
Additionally, I was blessed to have a good group of friends who kindly donated their talents toward helping my students learn jewelry making (Anne Choi)pattern-making and draping techniques (Jane Whiddon)furniture construction (Anne Bielowitz) and basic sewing skills (Mary Spencer and Joyce Brown.) Photos after the cut:Read more...Collapse ) This is getting really long, so I'll make another post to go with this one. Most of this was previously printed in Miller's Fashion Doll magazine. Not sure what the issue number was for it and Miller's has since gone out of business, I believe.

Spike in Haute Doll

The voting ballot for the Vampire Doll contest in Haute Doll is up. Spike # 26 is way towards the bottom, along with a zillion Twilight dolls. There's also a Drusilla, but those are the only two Buffyverse dolls showing:

There's some really funny ones, too. One particular Blythe one was just as cute as can be.
Brian Earl's Lestat is also represented as well as some outstanding other dolls. Good luck to us all.

Photoshoot for Haute Doll

Argh. Light has been funky and I can't get a decent shot here. I don't know what the problem is. At any rate, sista A let me shoot in her backyard yesterday and I think I got a decent one. Now to figure out a caption for it. #1

Now I need a caption for him for people who've never heard of Spike. (Who the heck???) Read more...Collapse ) In other news, JoeLanta, the GI Joe show was tons 'o fun! It's a must see for us every year. This year the theme was War of the Worlds. I love being one of the very few females at the show. The guys are always...er, you're a girl! LOL